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Minden kezdet nehez… csilibele.

Minden kezdet nehez… csilibele.

2016.08.28. vasarnap 15:00. Ferihegy. Legnagyobb meglepetesemre nyitva a Lufthansa becsekkolos pultja. Meg nagyobb meglepetesemre nem tolonganak 50 millioan. Gyorsan csomagot felkap – rohanas – csekkolas – “a poggyasz mehet vegig, egeszen Mexikoig?”… – legyen szives, nem elhagyni Munchenbe. Utolso kavecseppek beszurcsolese – utolso csokolozas es olelkezes majd konnyezo bucsu helyett megfaradt elkoszones Anyutol es Aputol. … Continue reading


  • I was pretty depressed once, so i bought a little present for myself... what a surprise: it was a sweet sweeter and sweetest book of CHOCOLATE... Best die could be the "chocolate poisoning" for me... so prepair for some serious overdose.... :) coming soon...
  • This is gonna be a huge project. Lets discover the truth about the weird flavor-combinations... which is working seriously? Because.... u can win all, if u risk all... Help me with ideas - what we should try tonight? :)))
  • Using the leftover water under your olives when cooking risotto or pasta. Amazing result. Careful: with black u get deeper oily flavor, with green more saltiness. yum.
  • New country, new island, new language, new people, new food.... Lets see what we can do with these mallorquin recipes and ingredients. :)

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