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Breath of Bread

If u always wanted to make your own – but was scared, that baking bread is just too complicated…. you were absolutely right. In a way of course. When the freshly baked almost burnt smell circulates in the air, when u can hear the crunch and the tinkle from the bottom of your new born baby… u really feel … Continue reading

Tip of the day…

Sweet your coffee with creamy white chocolate and it needs just a hint of vanilla salt…. u can make real magic… :)

“Top ass” tapas…

To be honest… i never liked the idea of small bites of food. Of course, i like to try everything, but the idea of mixing too many things in my stomach makes me sick… Good fun to go out with friends having nice dishes – its so obvious, that u gonna have a spoonful of each plate … Continue reading

Life is not a piece of cake!

Things are not going very well with the moving. A month ago we had a viewing in a just-like-we-were-looking-for flat and we immediately made an agreement with the landlord (lady?). The only problem is that the current tenants don’t know when they could move out… and we are running out of time. Sux!  :-| To … Continue reading


I wish for a Tokaji Aszú panna cotta for Xmas, maybe with some blue cheese and walnut crumble… Feel free to make my wish come true! :))

Plat du jour

Those who don’t talk much have the most to say.

Consommé, the clarified stock

Consommé is supposed to be a super-clear, full-of-flavour liquid, therefore the stock or bouillon needs to be clarified. The first secret of making the clearest possible stock is the simmering and stirring, this will bring up the filth to the surface. Regarding to the internet, adding tomatoes will also help, thanks to the acid in … Continue reading

Coming soon…

“TOP ASS” TAPAS story from Barcelona…

KAT!!! :)))

Kat love, have a wonderful N A M E D A Y today!!! : x

Smoking? Really?!

Smoking meat (or anything else) is not rocket science and doesn’t require any special equipment like a smoke house. An average housewife can do it easily, let’s take Kat as an example. Ok, it was a bad joke to refer Kat as an average housewife, but the rest of the story is true. What she … Continue reading