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Happy ending Xmas…

Sooooo… I guess, i have never ever spent that much time with one meal in my life. First i thought lets do this, because the christmas must be really special and once in a year and blablabla… after the ideas just came across my mind during the weeks while Christmas was coming closer and closer… i … Continue reading

Very very…

Merry Happy Christmas to Everyone! The menu gonna be amazing…. :) can`t wait till monday night… xxx


Thanx for Bentley, Quay, Noma… simply beautiful. Wish to have time…

Boxing Day!

BREAKING NEWS: it’s done, finally we moved today! Lovely new flat, full of oldschool things – lots of japanese stuff to come! Thanks for Removals Brighton for the help with moving! x

Plat du jour

Nothing happens without a reason.

Coming soon…

Things i can thank to Michael Bremner and the brigade… :))))))))

Pamper Yourself…

OMG! Its Christmas again… again… and again… my head is full of thoughts – lot of things just happened in the last few days. Dont know whats going on at the moment… really need to chill out a bit. Thanx Jill – as Marty mentioned before – we are not going to spend the december … Continue reading

Time -16 days!

Wishing Everyone a wonderful weekend! ~ * ~ *  ~ *  ~ *  ~ *  ~ *  ~ *  ~ *  ~ *  ~ * ~ Kat was a bit down with these marzipan coated christmas pudding candies, so I decided to cheer her up – I hope it’s working! :winks: Lighting setup was very … Continue reading

Royal Panna Cotta

Looks like we will not become homeless, thanks to Nana Jill, who’s moving to Paris for a while and renting out her beautiful and cozy home in Kemptown. Apart from being very happy about the new home, we are in a deep shit: moving in the middle of the Christmas Season while working like a … Continue reading

Plat du jour

The greatest things are in tiny details.