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Textures of milk (with cereals) – dessert plate. Crunch at the bottom was toasted and caramelized cornflakes, than cereal-infused panna cotta, deconstracted vanilla cheesecake, sweet buttermilk curd-cheese cubes, creme frache with a hint of vanilla salt, light milk skin and a quenelle of icecream with some milk powder snow… we enjoyed it after a ” sweet and … Continue reading


(Background story: visited home. Long time ago – old school and old’s cool feeling. Favourite place: retro market, smells like pure nature. Lets discover the treasure of the countryside in Hungary…) Simply the basic. The very very basic. U dont need anything else, but u can make everything of it. U can not even imagine…. your … Continue reading

Btw, Barry White is a f*g pornstar! <3 <3 <3

About Wine and Humans

Wine comes in different qualities, colour and packaging, depending on the grape and the care added by people who produce it. Wine becomes better as years go by. Age makes it mature and more valueable. Amongst all the wines there are some really famous ones. Wine can give you joy and pleasure – and can … Continue reading

Asian invasion

New clouds are gathering around me… one thought of a new restaurant brought lots of fresh flavours and ideas in my mind… i `ve already created a crazy vision of a british-asian fusion kitchen in a tapas way… smells just like an unimaginable and unreachable Mr. Michelin Star. So i started to read. Read a lot. About … Continue reading

Soba – a different POV

Black soba noodles are new and interesting toys in the kitchen – and in the lightbox as well. This stuff is black, but in the appropriate lighting they turn into purple. They are long, thin and shiny – so soba has all the features that make things interesting from my photoholic point of view. This … Continue reading

Coming soon….

Asian invasion…. :P