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Commemoration of DUE SOUTH. We all love u. Advertisements

Valentin ballotine…

F*CK F*CK F*CK…. i had such a hard time in the last 3 weeks… basically my battery needs a huge charging, cause im off. The restaurant was surprisingly busy with functions, weddings, school holiday and we dont really have staff to deal with it. Fortunately the situation is pretty much the same on the floor as well – we … Continue reading

Me and Myself

Now this is a post that has hardly anything to do with food, but because there is some photography involved at least, I thought, why not to share? Beside the thinking I’ve been doing recently about light and shadow, light and lack of light, and so on, mostly in a photography-related way (it would bore … Continue reading

Kill or not to kill?

That is the question. A rather horrifying post by Kat. ~ ~ ~ In England i met a different culture of `butchering animals`.At home, in Hungary it is absolutely normal to keep `alive domestic meat` in your backyard even nowadays in a town – like chicken, cock, duck, goose…. i remember when i was a … Continue reading

IN or OUT???

What a silly silly stupid question. By the way, whatever is the meaning in the background, :)))) the answer is obviously IN. IN IN IN. Sometimes its hard to be a chef… to be honest, its hard to be a chef all the time, when the food is the topic in any sort of way. … Continue reading

Wine, wine, wine…

I did not even know where exactly we were going to when I met the guys at the train station; in an awfully early hour in the morning :S  All I knew is that I was offered to go with them for a wine tasting in London. Hahh, I would never say no to an … Continue reading