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Foodie’s Festival – Brighton <3

Foodie’s Festival – Hove Lawns, 25-27th May That`s why we love Brighton. Hove, actually. Because we love the summer, the sun, the beach, the drinks, the friends, the fun and the food of course. Well, everything was there. Beautiful day. Unfortunately they were selling tickets. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr….. I hate this. We need to pay to get … Continue reading

Idea of Gigi`s perfect wedding cake – pt2

Chapter 2: The first layer Soooo… we have the base, the best basic base ever, the crunchiest brownie with gluey chocolate flood in the middle. And whats next? The second flavor, what u can not miss of any dessert nowadays, is the vanilla… and im not talking about the suck essence what u can buy … Continue reading

Idea of Gigi’s perfect wedding cake – pt1

Chapter 0: The idea… My very best friend… just getting married. This summer. My very best friend is getting married with a good friend of mine… They’ve been living in New Zealand for a couple of years but going home to Hungary for this time because of their families obviously… and i`m still in Brighton … Continue reading