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Idea of Gigi`s perfect wedding cake – pt4

Chapter 5: We are almost there… How far we can go? From now, we should have two amazing layer of `sponge` and two beautiful creamy fillings. It can be already too much – but we do need to make the final part. To make it perfect. First of all, i thought all the flavors are … Continue reading

Idea of Gigi`s perfect wedding cake – pt3

Chapter 3: Another sponge? Yes yes of course… but need something funky. In the middle of the cake always has to be something absolutely unexpected… and i just remember that Gigi does not like really sweet that much… so lets get some cool fresh flavor out of my mind!!! I think its just time to … Continue reading

Vegetarian life???????

DON`T PANIC! I am not going crazy…. never ever. But… after the death of Due South i needed to change working place… and for learn as much as i┬ácan – i choose an Award Winning Vegetarian Restaurant with 2Rosettes – Terre a Terre… lets see how good is the imagination and creativity…

Coming soon!

I still owe you the post about my restaurant experiences in Hungary! Coming soon! <3 M.