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Christmas challenge…

Ive got a beautiful book from Marty to my birthday last year – The Eleven Medison Park – the cookbook – , and its full of amazing pictures and recipes. Because we have a special attraction to foie gras – i found a beautifully interesting recipe which i really wanted to try since ive got … Continue reading

Christmas for “Christ sake….”

Almost everyone┬á is around me had started to visit a gym more frequently – i realized yesterday. Well well well… the fact, that the festive time is coming soon with lots of lots of things to eat (and drink)…. absolutely understandable. After reading this blog – i would start the exercise… for “Christ sake”…. So… … Continue reading

Funny Gummy Anniversary…

One year. Since one year we are working on this little blog-project. Congratulation Marty, i think we did really good job and the rest is still in front of us, not behind. Ideas are coming&going, wish to have more time to share every crazy/weird/bizarr things developing in my/our mind. Couldn’t really find better stuff to … Continue reading