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Kaffir Curd Crazinessss

Long story short. An experiment again. I made it once – long time ago at Due South – accidentally… i want to try again with all of my attention now. Fingers cross… :) 1st stage: Make your stock syrup (3:2:1 ratio), get your buttermilk and some extra milk and a good big handful of ‘fresh’ … Continue reading

For my dearest friend…

          With all my proud and respect let me show U Marty’s best shoots (in my opinion, this list has no end by the way). Everything has to come to an end unfortunately. But nobody knows the future, however ive never belived in a ‘long-distanced-relationship’ … :) but we will see. We just … Continue reading


I wish u a very merry happy New Year to Everyone and thanx for following us! It means a lot! I recommend my ‘dark chocolate green tea’ dream to start the New Year with… (dark chocolate tofu mousse, matcha sponge, green tea crunch and Alfie’s lovely green tea icecream…. So take care all of U!