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For my dearest friend…

IMG_4495 gigi&kat2 DPP_0318      IMG_4374  IMG_6760IMG_6556246955_2090712785953_1189251194_2529139_7851936_n247383_2090716226039_1189251194_2529154_1891248_nIMG_6873255621_2090720866155_1189251194_2529180_2673693_nIMG_6787  IMG_7014_1 bread1 2250001_2090711625924_1189251194_2529134_2781150_nIMG_4858IMG_7261_1With all my proud and respect let me show U Marty’s best shoots (in my opinion, this list has no end by the way).

Everything has to come to an end unfortunately. But nobody knows the future, however ive never belived in a ‘long-distanced-relationship’ … :) but we will see. We just can not let this blog die. And we won’t.

So… thank U Marty for everything, the help, the care, the love, the company, the knowledge, the smile, the wine, the lentils, the journeys… etc etc.

Hope u will find your way – just stay lazy and crazy. Wish the biggest luck ever!

U can always find me if u need. Any part of the world.

P.S.: but please, dont drink decaffeinated coffee with skinny milk and sweetener! :)

Love xxx



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