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Thanks to a Momofuku’s salad, i ve got an awesome idea to turn it into a mouth watering dessert. Just imagine your plate: sweet apple, smoked bacon, spicy kimchi, maple syrup, creme frache, Yamazaki Whisky… Coming soon… :) Advertisements


My beautiful tofu mousse…. U dont need whipped cream, egg sabayon or anything like that… just grab a cube of tofu, the pure health…. This mousse is working every way: set in a ring, a layer of a cake or piping bag…. girls just gonna go crazy. Parfume with some posh alcohol and its gonna … Continue reading

Warm Valentine Welcome

Let me make something clear. I DO HATE VALENTINE’S DAY. Dont really have a reason, but dont think i need. Simply just dont have reason to like it and respect as a festive. I would like to love all year around, one day should not be that special. But special in the kitchen! One more … Continue reading