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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh yesssssssssssssssssssssss, another sweet. Another really simply recipe. It seems being pretty spreaded all in europe (I found a close relative from my childhood called Kakaós Csiga). So PALMERA means Palmier: exatly the plant itself what u know so well from your ‘dream beach’. Got the name from the shape ( elephant ear, palm leaves, … Continue reading

@ ensaïmada @

Pastry in Spain… serious stuff. My new weakness is…. panetterias y pastelerias in every corner. First thing u must now : what the hell is the ensaïmada? Something really really mallorquin (“the most mallorquinest” thing u can find in the island) – locals saying. In England i had a misterious imagination about this pastry. Dont … Continue reading

Entre las burbujas..”..”..”..”

Where can i start? … hm… MALLORCA. Es una isla maraviliosa… just like my spanish knowledge…  nice weather, nice people, nice landscape and nice food, yesssssssssss… the food is amazing of course. Would be really hard to introduce the whole wide range of stuff available here (most of them coming from the mainland, so pretty … Continue reading

Mallorca welcome…

New country, new island, new language, new people, new food…. Lets see what we can do with these mallorquin recipes and ingredients. :)

HSH: “Chimney project”

Let me see… I quite like the sweet – we can agree with that. In Hungary we do have a lot of sweets. Not as much chocolate (unfortunately) but pastries. I could introduce them to U, but….. i will not. I have a better stuff. One. The best. I can guarantee that u can not … Continue reading


Welcome Everyone to my little culinary tour at Hungary… I was thinking to write a massive chapter about hungarian food reaching all the small details… but i changed my mind. No need for this. If u want to check it out more precisely, u can open an Old Big Horváth Ilona Cooking book or click … Continue reading


You Guys have the time of your lives over there!!! Big kisses! :-)