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This is not mine. I am writing – but this crazy tart is my boyfriend’s present for us to celebrate our birthday which happened in the very same day…. :P cool. So he desired a brownie – this is our favorite sweet (thank u so much England!!!) and we have the “i think the best … Continue reading

Morphine muffin…

I know i know i know! Why the hell i would ever think to write down here a stupid f8ckin’ muffin recipe? This is really silly but i have not more but one reason. This is good. Now working in a Pub part time where need to bake muffins freshly every day. Here they call … Continue reading


My new love is connected to a really old childhood memory… Let me introduce Mr. Watermelon (“görögdinnye“)…. or sandia how we call this here in Spain… i prefer this cause it sounds more a bit like Sangria – and we all love this sweet nectar in the summer…. :) So ive seen this ‘fuit’ (its … Continue reading

Spanish Hollandaise???

Almande, Amandula, Mandorla, Mandel, Mandula, or Almendra… This small “nut or fruit or seed” probably the most important product after the olive oil talking about Mallorca’s export. Actually Spain is the second country (after USA) considering the production of the ALMONDS – talking around 0.22 million tonnes each year. The little story started after the … Continue reading