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Deconstructed memory…

Let me introduce u our big favorit what we picked up working at the pan-asian YUM YUM NINJA… the mistic kimchi. The most beautiful fermented spicy ‘shit’ what u can ever try – nothing but a flavorbomb. Has got everything to season: hell lots of garlic, chilli, ginger, saltiness (soy sauce, fish sauce), sweetness  (fruit … Continue reading

Que crazy combooooooo 2….

So…. What did we see before? Avocado & coffee… Tomato & strawberry & banana… Chocolate & cheese… Everyone must has an opinion by now – safe or risk?So many other crazy combinations jumping in my head – dont know how can i prove all… i will try at least these… Blood & cacao… Shrimp & … Continue reading

Que crazy combooooo… 1.

What do u think about these? Which type of person u are, the one who choose the safe option or the risky one? tomato (ketchup)& strawberry& banana (panna cotta) prawns & walnut salad with choco&orange&mayo dressing avocado & coffee & rum tiramisu mushroom & blueberry risotto chocolate & cheese bla bla bla…. blablablablablabla………. etc etc. … Continue reading

Que comboooooooo …

This is gonna be a huge project. Lets discover the truth about the weird flavor-combinations… which is working seriously? Because…. u can win all, if u risk all… Help me with ideas – what we should try tonight? :)))

Rudolf, king of the Curd

One day i was walking in my little favorite market when my eyes caught something in front of the cheese-section… I have never seen like this just at home… hmmmmmmmm, sweet memories… proper curd in a plastic container with a ladle and cover with cling film more or less… i was thinking it must be … Continue reading

Welcome to Egg’s world

Reason for this? Mr. Inaki Aizpitarte (french-basque chef) who deconstructed the Tocino de cielo dessert. I love the background of this really traditional sweet: tocino means bacon, and there is a story for the kids, that the piggies go to heaven when they die, and cielo means sky… so tocino de cielo… is a heavenly … Continue reading

My chOcOlate Spell…

This is partly a stolen idea – if i want to be cruel. If not, ive just got some inspriration from a “local” chef (local in a way that he is british and/but working here) Marc Fosh. I was applying to his restaurant as well – never gonna know what did he miss not calling … Continue reading

tricks… or… treat? …

Using the leftover water under your olives when cooking risotto or pasta. Amazing result. Careful: with black u get deeper oily flavor, with green more saltiness. yum.

Tapa’ Tour’

Its just the time after 2 months living in ‘Spain’ to show some ‘restaurant life’ here in Mallorca. We already had a blog about Tapas connected to our holiday at Barcelona a couple of years ago… now i think i have a tiny bit better knowledge talking about “the tapas thing”. Two different  variations exist, … Continue reading