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What drives me nuts… :D

Unbelievable… i look totally different now to my nuts after peeling them by hand…. Walking in any supermarket and pick up a bag of roasted almonds or any nuts without their f8ckin’ hard shell… seems the easiest thing in the world. But… U dont know how much work it needs till u dont need to … Continue reading

Dark lover….

I was pretty depressed once, so i bought a little present for myself… what a surprise: it was a sweet sweeter and sweetest book of CHOCOLATE… Best die could be the “chocolate poisoning” for me… so prepair for some serious overdose…. :) coming soon…

OLIVES from ‘scratch’

This chapter gonna need pretty long time. Sorry about it, but usually the good things need the most time at all…. And if i am living in Mallorca, Spain, in the fields of thousands of olive trees… i can not miss to try to make my own little jar of little olives… can i? Of … Continue reading


YES. CHICKPEA. CHOCOLATE. BAR. Thanks for the idea to Chocolate Covered Katie and her healthy recipes i was checking recently. I really liked the idea of the bean-blondie so was playing with the idea a little bit. Weird but good. So the trick is? Vanilla & Peanut & Chickpea combo. OH MY GOD… absolute winner. … Continue reading

Old’s’cool Peanut&Apple butter

Long looong time ago i had my best summer ever. I was spending all the vacation at home, almost 3 months and everything was just perfect. The weather was boiling hot and smiley sunny – the swimming pool cristal clear with freshly cool water. All my friends around every day having lots of fun and … Continue reading

Pope’s Poke

Pionono… Very typical sweet from Santa F├ę (Granada, Spain)… and it got the name from Pope Pio IX. Cut the story short: Alvaro was visiting his family in Granada last week and he saw a box of Pionono in the airport thinkin’ of me… i think it was just one summer ago when i tried … Continue reading

GYM for breakfast

And yesssssssssssssssss… another breakfast story. Sorry guys but i can’t help myself – i ve just started the gym again finally thanks all the Saints… and i need to change a couple of my habits… like the big ball of ‘hamster food’ (how my boyfriend’s call it) muesli almost every morning. Its not going to … Continue reading

Mummy Birthday!!! :)

Well, after a year my Mummy has another day to celebrate! Unfortunately i can not be with her – again – however i tried so much to “shock” her with a surprise little visit of me but it just too complicated. Expensive – but the main problem is that there is no direct flight after … Continue reading