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X-mas booooooon-boooooooooooom

I am really really sorry guys…. i know – having no excuse not to posting anything since looooooooooooooooong time…. But my boss was in his holiday for almost 2 weeks – so i needed to work all day every day from morning till closing…. although i made lots of beautiful tarts and cakes, tonns of … Continue reading

Healthy as f*ck!

Everybody deserves healthy, organic, wholesome food! A nice bowl of salad, made only from the freshest ingredients is a great way to indulge your belly – because you are really what you eat, right? Why would you eat disgusting junkfood full of artificial materials, or ready-made crap from the pot, when making a nutritious green … Continue reading

Sweet cheesy life…

I want to introduce u to one of my really really good friend. I made it already a couple of times – so this is def. not a “one night stuff”. Even if u are not the bravest taster ever U NEED TO TRUST ME NOW and TRY THIS. Well worth it. === footnote: sorry, … Continue reading

Happy BIRTHDAY to US!!!!

OMG! I hardly can believe it that our little blog is 2 years old today!!! :) I think i am sooo proud of it – after putting all my heart and soul (and crazy mother f8cker ideas) in it.. I feel this basically the ‘work of my life’ now – more than my real one. … Continue reading

Pop Up Corn… :P

Not really long time ago i made the mandarin&popcorn creation as u could see it… and i made a big discovery which i would like to share with u guys…. As usually for all the huge explorations need a coincidense somewhere…. in my case it was an “average” breakfast action when i mixed up a … Continue reading

Mandarin of Mallorca…

Finally i ve got it. My clementine creation. As i ve mentioned already a couple of blog publishing ago – i think i find the very best of Mallorca… which is the local mandarin. Of course the -spanish- orange is nice (but mainly coming from the mainland) especially in the town of Soller… however u … Continue reading

Warmest Winter Wish…

The best ideas coming from nowhere i guess… just like this case. I promised myself to create a dessert with these amazing fresh local mandarins ive just found in the neighbor’s fruitshop recently… they so nice… ooooh, u can easily feel that someone just picked them a couple of hours ago and it didnt need … Continue reading


Halloween party in my pub. Oki. Halloween finger food (for free). Oki. Nothing complicated, just make everything Halloweenie… hm… Of course, i carved a couple of georgeous pumpkins at first (i did even break my little knife). First i was angry because of my brainstorming for a week to create a couple of really beautiful … Continue reading