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Happy New Year… or what?

I have seen my annual report of 2013… pretty interesting… :) First of all – Many thanks for all of u following us… this means about 1600 viewings in the year 2013!!!! I am soooo soooo proud of every blog post u saw and liked (and feel sorry for those ones which u missed unfortunately…). … Continue reading

“Sea Goose Feet” ????????

Getting closer and closer to my 29th birthday luckily i can announce that there is not much “food stuff” left untried by myself. Of course still have one at least for the rest of the days in my life – this reason pushing me further and further especially with my traveling plans… Mostly u see … Continue reading

Merry Happy X-mas

Wishing very very happy Merry Christmas to all of u Guys! (with this little mille feuille tapas of foie gras, poached apple and fig jelly)

Turr├│n de foie gras…

I lost it. I feel i lost my “coolblogcreativity” because no ideas coming in the last couple of days… We are now just before X-mas… and what can i say… this December is not gonna be my favourite month for sure. So much sh8t happened with us nowadays that i dont wanna do else but … Continue reading

Galuskaproject X

Well well well…. Overall…. gonna be really hard to find better X-mas warming up dessert than the smoked panna cotta was with the guiness cake…. as “cold” as it looks… as warm it makes u feel inside – belive me! Anyway, i try my best to get another beauty on the table…. and i found … Continue reading