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If u ever had an aquarium – u know the effect of the calm ‘wallpaper”… just like a miracle. Working as a meditation…. watching all those little beautiful fish with all those unbelievable colors… like a treasure box… Do u like fish? I am…. i had aquarium when i was smaller and hated to clean. … Continue reading

Brown Greenie… :)

I had a really bad week. I needed a break. My best ‘break’ solution is a big mouthful of brownie…. and its working – belive me – cause i have approx. 5years experience with the best recipe ever. But this week i needed some more magic… as i said, i DID HAVE  REALLY BAD DAYS  … Continue reading

Sue’s perfect wedding cake 2.

Chapter2: colours Not much to talk about it, bigger power decided long loooooooong time ago… For my biggest surprise they let my now, that my sister’s wedding dress is going to be white and apple green…. GREEN!!!!!!! WOW! Considering the fact that all in my life the green was the only colour my dear sister … Continue reading

Sue’s perfect wedding cake 1.

Well well well… it seems that time has come to celebrate my SisterSue and her boyfriend PeterPan getting together hopefully forever and ever. Such a beautiful thing… and a cool party hopefully! I was thinking and thinking about the perfect wedding present for them…. and ended up with the only suitable idea – which i … Continue reading

‘PAIN’ au chocolat…

A couple of days ago i met with a girl who came in the bar for a slice of cake… we talked just a bit but somehow after met for a drink with other friends as well. She is working as a chef in a big yacht (ooooooooh, i was sooooooooooo jealous!!!) and was just … Continue reading

Simple Sexy….

Having a little bit of spare time… The best time to experimenting with a little bit of spare. So i made a date with my two best friend, Mr. Chocolate and Ms. Icecream… And yesssssssssssssss…. i made a Strawberry Icecream Chocolate Bar. Can u imagine anything sexier? We will see….

Cheap Chinese???? :)

Once in every week (Friday) we have a special tapa&cana “afterwork afternoon” in the Pub. Thanks to my ‘puta’ friend Vanessa now we are organizing this event by different nations from all over the world… So having a choosen country with all the costumes, flags, national ?drinks?, music and food of course… to give a … Continue reading

Boogie Bog…

It was before X-mas when i found something i wanted to share with U… The story started with that magazine (about the last 10 years cuisine)… and i saw a dish from the 2Michelin star-restaurant Noma in Denmark. If i remember well… the dish was a “TARTAR OF MUSK OX AND WOOD SORREL“… and basically … Continue reading