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Bloody heaven…

Well well well… One of my latest post was about eating meat, killing and torturing animals… and how i feel about being vegeterian… I can announce proudly, since then has nothing changed! :))) The only thing is – that i still havent found any organic market to buy my “happy meat”. Well, the truth is … Continue reading

Lick or (i)scream!!! :P

We all know by know (i hope so) that one of my biggest love in life is the icecream… Thanks to Due South and Samuel – that long looong time ago they shared all their little naughty secrets about icecream making…. which i keep using of course. Let me share this secret with u and … Continue reading

Meet with the meat…

An ordinary day. I was in my job prepaing stuff and doing some service… I had a massive piece of fillet of veal in front of me on the chopping board. I was cleaning and rolling for a later use. In one second i was a bit pissed because the membrane covered all over the … Continue reading

Feliz cumpleanos!!!

Lets step in the magic 31… (OOOOOHOHOHOHOOOO, still not me, just my “bro” :))) I am truly happy that we could celebrate together your birthday – and with some (more) cava makes it not as sad as it sounds! But first of all: enjoy your Very Birthday Cake!!! At the beggining let me thanks to … Continue reading

With all the respect…

With all the respect… but we do eat meat. This blog post is definitely not suggested to vegetarians – better stop reading now. With all the respect of course. I believe that my body is talking to me. All the time. Always let me know the needs i have to stay as healthy as possible … Continue reading

Naan-Parotta infusion…

I looooooooooooooooooooove bread. Unfortunately i dont eat as much as i want to (considering the pretty high carbohydrate level) but i will never leave 100% – as my mum was always saying that the body needs everything from a golden loaf. As u could see before in a blog post (breath of bread) long time … Continue reading

Best disaster

So…. i was in the gym today as always… i love gym, i love sweating and feel physically tired after… and the best of all is to eat after your workout… just the health. Today i was doing my stuff – and came into my mind how my body would look like if i stop … Continue reading

Yeasty feast :)

Chaos. Big chaos. And little bit bigger chaos… just on the top. Last couple of weeks were horrifying… just sh8t everywhere all around. Lost my job… lost money. Lost flats – planning to move. Finally moved. More money. And cost. And sh8t… all around. And i think i lost my creativity for now – im … Continue reading