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I poke U up!!!

Last time i promised u some stuff to come…  well actually i just had my day off today and was running like an idiot since i awake… OH, and all of this in 40 degrees. So U all can imagine how did i feel when i first sat down at 9 pm in front of … Continue reading

non stop….

Yes yes yes – i know. And i hate myself not to have time to create nice things and share it here in the blog… To be honest i am creating cool things – but in my restaurant at Simply Fosh in more or less 60 hours a week… which is pretty bad in a … Continue reading

birthday foie….

A little bit late – continuously working too much – but wishing us a very Happy Birthday (for my boyfriend Alvaro and myself… yeah yeah, still in the same day :))) and lets celebrate our ‘more or less’ 3 years together… which is a record performance to be honest…. keep going on my Mazsola!!! Love … Continue reading