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Lets `play. Lets play with sugar. But in a way – u never did before. A super easy way. Have u ever heard of Isomalt??¿¿ Better to check it out now… Basically its a sugar. No. Better. As soon as u get the right temperature to melt (around 120) – u win to make amazing things to decorate … Continue reading

Let·s get st*r·ed! :)

I never believed that we gonna win a st*r. Dont know why…. maybe cause the idea of having a Michelin st*r seems soooooooooooooooooo far away…. but we did. And u know what??¿¿ We f8ckin· deserved it – so well done! Honestly: if we dont win anything now with that much work we have done (not rarely 70 … Continue reading

ST*R ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well well well…. Dont know what can i say. Or what should i say. Everything has changed. Everything. We won a Michelin Star. And its just the beggining…… :)  


Finally. Challange. Excepted. Completed. Long long time ago… i can still remeber that only one thing i could never achive…. baking a proper macaron. All the time i tried… i failed. So i needed to accept the fact – its not gonna be an easy run. It needs soooo much work  (and time and money)- … Continue reading

?¿Grease – Cheese?¿

I think i had the best idea ever – recycling cheese off-cuts. It doesnt cost nothing – cause u would put these parts in the bin anyway… like this u can make amazing butter and flavourful wáter – it does make difference believe me. parmezan butter So the idea of parmezan wáter was coming from … Continue reading