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Bloody hell…. ***

Finally the time had came… The time i was looking for ages… having many crazy ideas about… but finally i ve got it. I have got fresh blood. * So lets play. Blood is not a new thing — surprisingly still seems like a taboo in people^s eyes… however it exists since we eat meat. … Continue reading

Petit· Canelé·

its small. its burnt. its ugly. hmmmm… i dont know. but… its french. its pastry. its love. its actually 2 bites. and its amazing. We all know that everything is better with more sugar, more butter and more cream. This is how french people thinks. This is very true about french pastry. Best is the … Continue reading

BBQ Asian style

BBQ inside the house?¿ F8ck YEAH! Continue a bit our journey in Asia… i found one more super-interesting feast to share… the “Korean style BBQ“. I do not want to mislead u with the name – but i guess this, the Korean is the most popular and traditional name of it (and yes – if … Continue reading