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Kitchen SWEET Kitchen…

I ve got what i wanted. After 6 months. I find no words to express how grateful i am. How much i adore pastry. And bake. And infuse. And sweet. Nothing is more beautiful than a sound of breaking a thin layer of crispy chocolate. Can u imagine anything nicer than freshly baked puff pastry? … Continue reading


My dream is to have a food truck … Why? … Cause i love foodporn… Cause i think U do love foodporn┬á too… … And because i dont think u have ever tried…     … Fried MAYO tortilla served w/ a fresh springroll of chorizo&tuna tartar, oyster sauce, salad of cucumber, thai basil and … Continue reading

HomeSweetHome Part2.

Home Sweet Home…. as i mention before in the previous part that i enjoyed my 2 weeks of holiday at home in my little town around my amazing family. Every second was beautiful. Now im back to the reality (Barcelona) and it never happened before… i feel homesick. Strange. Even the weather turned bad – … Continue reading

HomeSweetHome Part1.

I havent been home for more than a year…i mean in Hungary… and happened sooo many things with me since then. I have to say, it was truly the best part of my whole year (i started in Thailand and i will finish in Chile but it doesnt make any difference). I loved to be … Continue reading