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French lover….

As i mentioned before a couple of times… now i am that lucky to have a superprofessional french pastry chef (who is f8ckin sexy by the way :)) teaching me at the restaurant. So the choux-paste itself became one of my best friend in the last weeks… I am that kindof person…. who loves challenge… … Continue reading

Chocolate Porn.

I will going to be quick. Have u ever heard of CHOCOLATE SALAMI? If not yet – now u do. Originally its coming from Italy (however i think every country must have there own type of this sweet, in Hungary it looks a bit different and we call it “Monkey Bread – Majomkeny├ęr.) Now in … Continue reading


I write this post cause its Sunday, my only day off. And i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired but ended up walking alone 3 hours in the city “just to do something”. Chefslife. Nowadayz it seems so cool being a chef (like a rockstar or a football player…). Whoooooooooohohohoooooooooooooooo… everyone wants to be a chef. EVERYONE. And … Continue reading