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Just keep treckin·····

  Road 7 crossing thru the Andes… no comment needed. Enjoy. We did.   Welcome to Chile.           Advertisements

Journey continues…

MENDOZA… After a bad taste in our mouth we arrived at the “Mekka” of the  south american wines… Mendoza… with lots of hope that we can save the feeling of a “not soooo bad Argentina”… The sun is shining and i see nothing else around but grape-fields… just beautiful. My mouth is already filled with … Continue reading

Let the journey begin… ARGENTINA

So finally we arrived…. ARGENTINA. BUENOS AIRES. Heavy rain. Very f*ckin heavy rain. Hardly can get out of the taxi. But in a couple of hours the sun come and welcome us. Couple of more hours and its getting hot – like “sweatingly” hot. Like it – coming from Europe u can have a second … Continue reading

Never “Mc” up

I have really hard head – or how does it say… anyway… i believe there is nothing impossible, so if i wanna do something… i can not stop till i reach it. Never. I think i have a little man inside of me and keeps pushing me. I like it. Keeps me pushing again and … Continue reading