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“Special price for u…”

WELCOME TO PERU One thing u need to know about tour offices…. if u like to control the things, knowing whats happening and be nervous about your strict plains… dont buy any package from any office. U should just go step by step even if it can be slowlier. Trust me! We bought a tour … Continue reading


  COUNTRYSIDE… LAKE TITICACA Lets leave the BigCity and enter in the countryside… well… we are not really prepaired but neither surprised… the situation is sad. Much more worse than in La Paz. People are poor and basically live in a top of a rubbish hill. Obviously nobody is collecting the rubbish (the normal one, … Continue reading

La Pazzzzzzz….

  We finally arrived the offical capital of Bolivia: La Paz. First of all: geographically just unbelievable the location of this city where the population approx. 8 millions… whole bunches of building are sitting in a deep valley in an altidute 3650meter high and because the city is growing – its slowly climbing up to … Continue reading

Welcome to BOLIVIA…

Nothing is for sure… but everything is possible. WELCOME TO BOLIVIA. CROSSING TO BOLIVIA We bought a 3 days tour with the Cordillera Traveller for 180 dollars per person starting from San Pedro de Atacama and finish at Uyuni. It is a “rough tour” they were trying to scared us at the very beggining. 30 … Continue reading


FLIGHT TO CALAMA Next destination: Atacama dessert. Hot and dry. U can choose if the wind blows off your skin or the sun burns it down. :) The landskape is amazing. After the bus trip from Argentina was naivly thought that nothing can stop me breathing… But this place… with the salt flat of Atacama and … Continue reading

Un poco mas de Chile…

We are still here…. we found a very special feeling: that maybe we should stay a bit longer… :) I want to highly recommend our accomodation: Chikyan Hostel (San Jose del Maipu). And i am serious. 15.000peso per person per night, but it worth it 100%!!! Not just the view was f*ckin amazing, but the family who is … Continue reading

CHILE, we love u…..

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo…. not just the bus trip was amazing crossing thru the Andes and the Argentina-Chile border with the most amazing mountains and glacieres of the Andes…. Its like…. I LOVE EVERYTHING IN CHILE!!!!     We arrived Santiago a couple of days ago… and the sun can not stop shining and we can not stop smiling … Continue reading