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Passion for life. Passion for love. Passion for passion… I am a lucky person. I did found my passion in life – food. I love what i do – however im not sure if i am lucky to work what i work… probably not. Making food is an ART for me. It is not a job. … Continue reading

Last chapter for now… ;)

  TE This would not be that interesing… the method is much more. Women prepair like 20 liters of ·nothingspecial· tea at home then sit outside infront of their door on the street with 5-7 glass glasses filled full – a piece of fruit on the bottom (usually dried cactus-fruit or apricot). U go their … Continue reading

Deeper in the juice…

  AJI DE GALLINA U see this plate everywhere like a “national dish”. Nothing else but a ragu of chicken – it should be like a curry – with hot spicies but we never met anything like this. Aji means chilli pepper – and the color is a bit “too yellow”. They invented this for … Continue reading

Keep eating all around…

ALFAJOR Its in every country in South America, every street, every corner and every shop. Even the old ladies are selling alfajores on the street. In million different types. It is a biscuit sandwich. Two “shortbreadkind” of pastry disc sticked together with any kind of sticky stuffing. Its usually dulce de leche but can be … Continue reading

Lets eat! South America

Well well well…. To collect all the culinary experiences from our trip in South America… its impossible. There is no point anyway. Better if i just try to show u some crazy shit. First of all i have to say- we all agree that it was much more smoother than we expected. I had a … Continue reading

Back to the reality… LIMA

  LOST STOP – LIMA Early bus as always. We got in a “we are not sure if its a real taxi” taxi – but it was. The people read soooo many horror stories about being kiddnapped and robbed and violated by local “drivers” who just takes u somewhere out and then going to kick the … Continue reading

Another overnight bus…

  AREQUIPA We arrived again in the very early morning… had the worst overnight bus since the beggining – funny thing is that we paid the most at this time. We use usually the Cruz del Sur company – its a bit more expensive than the rest but safe. Normally its ok, u get food … Continue reading

No wifi. Love AMAZON.

AMAZONAS Last minute decision – first plan was the Colca Canyon but the weather forecast was showing heavy rain – so we changed our mind when we found a very good “amazon offer” in a tour office (i recommend with good feeleings: Vilca Expeditions Manu). 3days and 2 nights into the Manu National Forest only … Continue reading

Terraces of “sacred selfies”… Machu Picchu

MACHU PICHU I was struggeling with my body all day forcing myself to keep moving, so i can not have the best opinion about this place… but i share what we ve got. First of all… tonns of people. Daily limit is 2500 people – for Huayna Picchu (the Little Brother on the side) only 400 … Continue reading