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keep movin”…



I have an addiction. Well, not just one – to be honest, a couple lets say. But i have a very bad one. Seriously affecting my life and nothing can save me….


I can not stop traveling. I can quit smoking. I can skip days of drinking. I can even stop thinking about work for a second (that is tough though!)… but i can not stop traveling.


I go for holiday. I go for work. I go to see everything around me and i go to live. LIVE – i mean. Not just live u know, like all around me. I do LIVE my life.


It is really my addiction – u know, like first time u get a tattoo and by the time u close the door of the tattoo shop there is already a tiny idea about your next one. Well… same with me. (with the tattoo as well however i reached the point that i rather spend my money to travel not to paint myself)


Advantage: I feel home everywhere and get friends very easily. Love to see new things, habits, traditions and meet different people (dont misunderstand me, i still hate stupids and idiots covering everything around me – but i normally dont spend that much time in a place to realize this or if i work and stay longer –  i do choose the people around me).


Disadvantage: I dont have home. I have roots till i have my parents. I am lucky, i still have a house to come home to see Mum and Dad. Where i can feel “safe”. Where i have all my childhood memories. Its all gone though – nothing left but my tiny pink diaries (however it makes me smile reading a couple of silly chapters).


I am back at the moment – and i dont regret it.

I play the role of the auntie and having fun with my niece. I stayed here for a while because my sister asked me to. To stay for help and give her some “talkative” company beside the baby. And i enjoy it – i feel like im on a holiday. I do work in the beautiful Villany as a pastry chef in an adorable restaurant. I really love it – we have a beautiful summer. But its still like my holiday – not my life.


I feel that this digests me slowly. There was a reason why i left my country 7 years ago. And this thing grew bigger by the time – the difference between my country and a place i wanna live my life in peace and happiness.


I wake up every day with the idea of “going” and i go to bed every night with planning of my journey. I just need to go. I f*ckin love my family more than anything else  – but i need to go and start again.And again.


I saw sooooo many things already – i believe in a way how i should live my life . Not to regret anything and be happy for today. Sounds bullsh*t but we really should wake up every single morning like it was the last.


I experienced many many things, different people, weather, lifestyle, food, culture, religión, habits, animals, nature and attitude for living. I do not afraid anymore.


My next destination will be Mexico. I leave in 2 months for half a year. Its gonna be a self-education mainly, i got contact with a dessert-restaurant in Guadalajara where i can join the team to see and learn everything whats possible in 4 months. All costs on me. After i plan to travel a month more crossing Mexico in all direction. I do not afraid. People do it for me anyway.


I grew up. I dont think that anything bad is going to happen. I mean it can happen – but u dont necessary need to open your door for this. I dont think it does matter if u travel or not. The most important thing is not to be a stupid m*ther f*cker idiot – so u can easily avoid the main problems and just LIVE a life u want.


I dont know where and when i will going to stop (where i run out of empty space in my body for a new tattoo :)). I hope i will find the place what i dont want to leave anymore. I have only one dream – to buy my forest up in a hill with all the peace of the nature and perfection. But it can be anywhere in all around the world.



footnote: these amazing photos are made by Marty (yessss – the admin of this blog and my very good friend Marty – who was my partner on this “eurotrip” crossing thru Europe (Spain, France, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Hungary and the Alps) by car… many thanks for this journey Sweetheart!


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    Posted by Marti | June 23, 2016, 19:10

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