About us

Kitchen porn from Kat and Marti – all sort of food, wine and cooking, with a hint of photography. Enjoy! :)

more photos from Marti on Flickr(not only food…!)

Also, once I will have a little spare time, I’ll divert this blog to www.thecooksnest.com – I purchased the domain ages ago but never had the time (or the will…?) to sort it out :))

update: Under processing. Pain in the ass. Waiting for NamesCoUk technical support team’s call (already placed a help!-enquiry…) Mapping domains, DNS setting, hosting etc… this is just too much to me! :@!!!

update #2: It’s all sorted! :))    :happy:

update #3: We’re not willing to pay for a good-looking domain name anymore, so we went back to the good old http://www.thecooksnest.wordpress.com – which is free! yee-ha!



One thought on “About us

  1. Thanks for visiting my page! You have a great blog here, I love the photography and the food just looks amazing, you’re both very talented ladies!
    Csak igy tovabb!! :-)


    Posted by Andrea | December 11, 2011, 19:29

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