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‘Dogless Hot’ ­čśü

This was totally my lovely vegan friend,┬á Zsuzsi’s idea I’m telling you. And she was just keep talking and talkin about it… till i accepted the challenge to make vegan hot dogs. Hehehehehe i was thinking the same what i could see on the faces of my big men colleagues when i mentioned the idea. … Continue reading

Aquafaba magic

Aaaaaaah! I enjoyed my last blog soooo much that i must share another craziness. Accidentally its another vegan stuff – without any purpose i promise. ITS JUST SOOOO MUCH GOING ON NOWADAYS IN THE GREEN N HEALTHY GASTRO WORLD – innovations followed by more n more f­čśücking interesting stuff and it makes my brain just … Continue reading

Satan ‘seitanism’

Hello all back!!! I have to confess something… I kind of became a kind of vegetarian. It’s not like I feel shame of or anything like that – i would rather say feeling angry not thinking like this before – the fact is that I don’t eat meat and hardly any fish. I don’t choose … Continue reading

Nem minden fenylik ami csillag…

Szosszenetnyi bejegyzes csupan a szakacskollegaknak… gondoltam legalabb annyira jogotok van tisztaba lenni a csillagos helyzettel mint nekem. Nem akarok senkit sem elteriteni az almaitol vagyaitol… de azert nem minden aron. AZURMENDI – 3 Michelin csillag. Baszkfold. A legjobb sommelier baratom dogozik itt (mostmeg, habar szamolja a napokat visszafele) es a legujabb kis baratnoje aki szakacs, … Continue reading

behind the scene

So why do we like 64 degrees? Why is it a special occasion going there to eat? I tell u. I am working there. Half a year now. OMG. I do feel im home there, i feel i never left Brighton. If this place had existed 6 years ago i might have never gone around … Continue reading

Cork, plastic, glue…

I LOVE U BRIGHTON. sOOOO… i skipped a couple of months from my adventures… sorry about that. But life is like this, sometimes have got time for every detail, sometimes just running like a headless chicken. Cut the story short (im pretty sure i will have some post in the future about my Mexico), i … Continue reading


Every day i am having fun. Luckily i am not just a pastry chef but a normal chef as well – so i am literally hungry for some salty knowledge as well… and some days my dream is coming true… like on this┬áone with the tamales…. Tamale is a very typical food mostly in South … Continue reading

Night of the living dead…

Do u like HALLOWEEN? Do u know what is this about‘ ? Well… its time to forget everything u new before… about silly costumes, bonfires, candies, pumpkin lamps, trick or treat… forget these and focus on a much more important thing. “THE DEAD”. I feel am the luckiest girl in the world – i can … Continue reading

Kis piszkos titkok…

  Minden nap latok valami furat. Igyekszem megjegyezni igy meselhetek rola. Idom ugyan igen keveske tekintve hogy minden reggel 7elott kelek, bicajra pattanok es szaguldok a Cukraszatba ahol letolom a shiftet 3ig, majd ujra bicajra pattanok es kezdek az etterembe ahol megintcsak┬á etetem a jonepet zarasig. De azert van mirol meselnem….   Index?┬┐?┬┐?┬┐ Szoval a … Continue reading

Miss Strawberry…

FRESON The Princess of the Vitrin in the shop. No doubt. Let me introduce her: she is Freson. One of the cutest thing i ve ever made. She is a proper lady – when she has a good day – she is the most beautiful thing ever. But if┬áits a bad day…. well… i would … Continue reading