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Healthy as f*ck!

Everybody deserves healthy, organic, wholesome food! A nice bowl of salad, made only from the freshest ingredients is a great way to indulge your belly – because you are really what you eat, right? Why would you eat disgusting junkfood full of artificial materials, or ready-made crap from the pot, when making a nutritious green … Continue reading


You Guys have the time of your lives over there!!! Big kisses! :-)

Curry Worry

– One great project for both of us – Kat: It would be really silly trying to tell u everything about the curry just as starting to introduce u all the stars in the sky. This is a never ending story. Just too much. That is not my goal anyway – but Marti showed just … Continue reading

Coming soon!

I still owe you the post about my restaurant experiences in Hungary! Coming soon! <3 M.

No good for diet

Just another laid-back morning(?), with a hint of heavy drilling from Mrs Nextdoor’s side. Champion`s breakfast…. The Spanish are good to make everything easy… sometimes soooo easy, it drives me crazy. I think not just because most of the time they have no money to do posh things, but they like the `kind of lazy` … Continue reading

How to get a free three course dinner with drinks?

Waitress (approaching table to clear starter plates): – Mrs Guest, may I take your plate? How did you enjoy the hamhock? Mrs Guest (giving Wtrss a hardly understandable look): – It was… … … ooo-kaaay. Wtrss (waiting for Mrs Guest to continue her speech): – ??? Wtrss: – Was there any problem with the dish? … Continue reading

Me and Myself

Now this is a post that has hardly anything to do with food, but because there is some photography involved at least, I thought, why not to share? Beside the thinking I’ve been doing recently about light and shadow, light and lack of light, and so on, mostly in a photography-related way (it would bore … Continue reading

Kill or not to kill?

That is the question. A rather horrifying post by Kat. ~ ~ ~ In England i met a different culture of `butchering animals`.At home, in Hungary it is absolutely normal to keep `alive domestic meat` in your backyard even nowadays in a town – like chicken, cock, duck, goose…. i remember when i was a … Continue reading

Wine, wine, wine…

I did not even know where exactly we were going to when I met the guys at the train station; in an awfully early hour in the morning :S  All I knew is that I was offered to go with them for a wine tasting in London. Hahh, I would never say no to an … Continue reading

Btw, Barry White is a f*g pornstar! <3 <3 <3