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Nem minden fenylik ami csillag…

Szosszenetnyi bejegyzes csupan a szakacskollegaknak… gondoltam legalabb annyira jogotok van tisztaba lenni a csillagos helyzettel mint nekem. Nem akarok senkit sem elteriteni az almaitol vagyaitol… de azert nem minden aron. AZURMENDI – 3 Michelin csillag. Baszkfold. A legjobb sommelier baratom dogozik itt (mostmeg, habar szamolja a napokat visszafele) es a legujabb kis baratnoje aki szakacs, … Continue reading

behind the scene

So why do we like 64 degrees? Why is it a special occasion going there to eat? I tell u. I am working there. Half a year now. OMG. I do feel im home there, i feel i never left Brighton. If this place had existed 6 years ago i might have never gone around … Continue reading

Cork, plastic, glue…

I LOVE U BRIGHTON. sOOOO… i skipped a couple of months from my adventures… sorry about that. But life is like this, sometimes have got time for every detail, sometimes just running like a headless chicken. Cut the story short (im pretty sure i will have some post in the future about my Mexico), i … Continue reading


Every day i am having fun. Luckily i am not just a pastry chef but a normal chef as well – so i am literally hungry for some salty knowledge as well… and some days my dream is coming true… like on this one with the tamales…. Tamale is a very typical food mostly in South … Continue reading

Miss Strawberry…

FRESON The Princess of the Vitrin in the shop. No doubt. Let me introduce her: she is Freson. One of the cutest thing i ve ever made. She is a proper lady – when she has a good day – she is the most beautiful thing ever. But if its a bad day…. well… i would … Continue reading


I would like to introduce U to one of my very good friend. He is Mr. Snickers. One of the 4 little cake-tart i need to prepair to sell in the shop or to sell in other shops. Just a little Step by Step show to let u know about the procedures and the time … Continue reading

Mexikoi “szappanopera”…

Szoval igen. Itt vagyunk Guadalajaraban es toretlen erovel megyunk elore. Mar teljesitettem az elso munkahetemet – mit ne mondjak, kabe olyan allapotban voltam hogy nem vagytam sok mindenre az agyamon kivul. Szoval reggel 8 orara jarok a cukraszatba ugye gyakorlatra majd onnan rohanvast veszem az iranyt a delutan 4kor kezdodo melohelyemre. Hala egnek kozel van, … Continue reading

Nem minden tacos ami fenylik…

Szoval megerkeztem. Vegre – semmi mas nem szamit. Vagyis hat de vegulis…. Ugye az utam felettebb kalandosra sikerult a gep lekesessel, majd az “alig talaltam meg a szallast” szituval…. de ez meg csak fokozodott kisvartatva. Kozben megismerkedtem egy sraccal, Pauloval aki gyakorlatilag a szomszedom es a filmiparban szeretne tarogatni a meg csak pelyhes szarnyait… de … Continue reading

“Blood porn…>”

One of my biggest challenge has been accepted. And the missión is accomplised succesfully.   The people who are living in the world of culinary – know exactly the myths of “macaron de caza” by Mugaritz. The story of a very famous blood macaron… U all know by now the close and strong relationship between me and … Continue reading

My Mc Shop

Yesterday i was shopping some stuff with my sister in a “SPAR” close to home. Some food – nothing special. When i saw a thing and gave me a heart attack. It does bother me since then so i made a couple of calculations and i decided to write a post about it. In Hungary … Continue reading