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Cork, plastic, glue…

I LOVE U BRIGHTON. sOOOO… i skipped a couple of months from my adventures… sorry about that. But life is like this, sometimes have got time for every detail, sometimes just running like a headless chicken. Cut the story short (im pretty sure i will have some post in the future about my Mexico), i … Continue reading

Night of the living dead…

Do u like HALLOWEEN? Do u know what is this about‘ ? Well… its time to forget everything u new before… about silly costumes, bonfires, candies, pumpkin lamps, trick or treat… forget these and focus on a much more important thing. “THE DEAD”. I feel am the luckiest girl in the world – i can … Continue reading

Kis piszkos titkok…

  Minden nap latok valami furat. Igyekszem megjegyezni igy meselhetek rola. Idom ugyan igen keveske tekintve hogy minden reggel 7elott kelek, bicajra pattanok es szaguldok a Cukraszatba ahol letolom a shiftet 3ig, majd ujra bicajra pattanok es kezdek az etterembe ahol megintcsak  etetem a jonepet zarasig. De azert van mirol meselnem….   Index?¿?¿?¿ Szoval a … Continue reading


I would like to introduce U to one of my very good friend. He is Mr. Snickers. One of the 4 little cake-tart i need to prepair to sell in the shop or to sell in other shops. Just a little Step by Step show to let u know about the procedures and the time … Continue reading

La Postreria GDL…

Oh My God… where should i start? I was thinking to my Mum yesterday when people were asking me about “why the hell u came soooo far to Mexico to do pastry?¿” or “Is there not such a place like this in Europe?¿” Yeah yeah yeah… just like my Mum when she was pushing me … Continue reading

Minden kezdet nehez… csilibele.

2016.08.28. vasarnap 15:00. Ferihegy. Legnagyobb meglepetesemre nyitva a Lufthansa becsekkolos pultja. Meg nagyobb meglepetesemre nem tolonganak 50 millioan. Gyorsan csomagot felkap – rohanas – csekkolas – “a poggyasz mehet vegig, egeszen Mexikoig?”… – legyen szives, nem elhagyni Munchenbe. Utolso kavecseppek beszurcsolese – utolso csokolozas es olelkezes majd konnyezo bucsu helyett megfaradt elkoszones Anyutol es Aputol. … Continue reading


Egy oraval ezelott vegeztem ki a “Cowspiracy” cimu dokumentum filmet. ES EGYSZERUEN NEM TUDOM NEM MEG OSZTANI A TUDAST AMIT FELTAR ELENK… Cowspiracy Magyarul irok – mivel a film elerheto angolul es egyeb idegen nyelveken – de magyarul termeszetesen nem. Habar mindenkinek joga van hozza hogy tudja mirol van szo. EN MEGDOBBENTEM – ELKEPEDTEM – MENNYIRE … Continue reading


Lets start a new chapter. I left Barcelona for now. After my trip in South America i did returned for a couple of weeks (relax, chill and drink :) till i packed my “life” into the car and enjoyed a trip thru whole Europe saying goodbye to Spain. It took 11 days and covered Spain … Continue reading


Passion for life. Passion for love. Passion for passion… I am a lucky person. I did found my passion in life – food. I love what i do – however im not sure if i am lucky to work what i work… probably not. Making food is an ART for me. It is not a job. … Continue reading

Last chapter for now… ;)

  TE This would not be that interesing… the method is much more. Women prepair like 20 liters of ·nothingspecial· tea at home then sit outside infront of their door on the street with 5-7 glass glasses filled full – a piece of fruit on the bottom (usually dried cactus-fruit or apricot). U go their … Continue reading