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behind the scene

So why do we like 64 degrees? Why is it a special occasion going there to eat? I tell u. I am working there. Half a year now. OMG. I do feel im home there, i feel i never left Brighton. If this place had existed 6 years ago i might have never gone around … Continue reading

Cork, plastic, glue…

I LOVE U BRIGHTON. sOOOO… i skipped a couple of months from my adventures… sorry about that. But life is like this, sometimes have got time for every detail, sometimes just running like a headless chicken. Cut the story short (im pretty sure i will have some post in the future about my Mexico), i … Continue reading

keep movin”…

  I have an addiction. Well, not just one – to be honest, a couple lets say. But i have a very bad one. Seriously affecting my life and nothing can save me…. I can not stop traveling. I can quit smoking. I can skip days of drinking. I can even stop thinking about work for a … Continue reading

Hungarian tales…

Im moved home for a bit. My niece was born. so i help my sister for now. BUT I FOUND A JOB AND I F*CKIN ENJOYING WORKING AGAIN! This place is in Villany – one of the best wine región in Hungary famous for its red rustic wines (especially Carbernet Franc)… it could be perfect … Continue reading


Lets start a new chapter. I left Barcelona for now. After my trip in South America i did returned for a couple of weeks (relax, chill and drink :) till i packed my “life” into the car and enjoyed a trip thru whole Europe saying goodbye to Spain. It took 11 days and covered Spain … Continue reading

Keep eating all around…

ALFAJOR Its in every country in South America, every street, every corner and every shop. Even the old ladies are selling alfajores on the street. In million different types. It is a biscuit sandwich. Two “shortbreadkind” of pastry disc sticked together with any kind of sticky stuffing. Its usually dulce de leche but can be … Continue reading

CHILE, we love u…..

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo…. not just the bus trip was amazing crossing thru the Andes and the Argentina-Chile border with the most amazing mountains and glacieres of the Andes…. Its like…. I LOVE EVERYTHING IN CHILE!!!!     We arrived Santiago a couple of days ago… and the sun can not stop shining and we can not stop smiling … Continue reading

Journey continues…

MENDOZA… After a bad taste in our mouth we arrived at the “Mekka” of the  south american wines… Mendoza… with lots of hope that we can save the feeling of a “not soooo bad Argentina”… The sun is shining and i see nothing else around but grape-fields… just beautiful. My mouth is already filled with … Continue reading


I have not much to say… This year was really tough to leave my life behind and start a new one. But nothing is better than something bad. I ve learned the lesson. Still having rough times occasionally… but let me share a couple of the good moments, i had in the last couple of … Continue reading


20 days now. I am working for this long to my new restaurant. Its time now to introduce u Monvinic, Barcelona. Its not one of the places which serves “unreal” food. In our kitchen the meat is meat, the olive is olive. We are not even playing with textures, no foams, no jellies, no crazy … Continue reading