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My Mc Shop

Yesterday i was shopping some stuff with my sister in a “SPAR” close to home. Some food – nothing special. When i saw a thing and gave me a heart attack. It does bother me since then so i made a couple of calculations and i decided to write a post about it. In Hungary … Continue reading


Finally. Challange. Excepted. Completed. Long long time ago… i can still remeber that only one thing i could never achive…. baking a proper macaron. All the time i tried… i failed. So i needed to accept the fact – its not gonna be an easy run. It needs soooo much work  (and time and money)- … Continue reading

Best disaster

So…. i was in the gym today as always… i love gym, i love sweating and feel physically tired after… and the best of all is to eat after your workout… just the health. Today i was doing my stuff – and came into my mind how my body would look like if i stop … Continue reading

Yeasty feast :)

Chaos. Big chaos. And little bit bigger chaos… just on the top. Last couple of weeks were horrifying… just sh8t everywhere all around. Lost my job… lost money. Lost flats – planning to move. Finally moved. More money. And cost. And sh8t… all around. And i think i lost my creativity for now – im … Continue reading

Turrón de foie gras…

I lost it. I feel i lost my “coolblogcreativity” because no ideas coming in the last couple of days… We are now just before X-mas… and what can i say… this December is not gonna be my favourite month for sure. So much sh8t happened with us nowadays that i dont wanna do else but … Continue reading

Galuskaproject X

Well well well…. Overall…. gonna be really hard to find better X-mas warming up dessert than the smoked panna cotta was with the guiness cake…. as “cold” as it looks… as warm it makes u feel inside – belive me! Anyway, i try my best to get another beauty on the table…. and i found … Continue reading

What drives me nuts… :D

Unbelievable… i look totally different now to my nuts after peeling them by hand…. Walking in any supermarket and pick up a bag of roasted almonds or any nuts without their f8ckin’ hard shell… seems the easiest thing in the world. But… U dont know how much work it needs till u dont need to … Continue reading

GYM for breakfast

And yesssssssssssssssss… another breakfast story. Sorry guys but i can’t help myself – i ve just started the gym again finally thanks all the Saints… and i need to change a couple of my habits… like the big ball of ‘hamster food’ (how my boyfriend’s call it) muesli almost every morning. Its not going to … Continue reading

Mummy Birthday!!! :)

Well, after a year my Mummy has another day to celebrate! Unfortunately i can not be with her – again – however i tried so much to “shock” her with a surprise little visit of me but it just too complicated. Expensive – but the main problem is that there is no direct flight after … Continue reading

Spanish Hollandaise???

Almande, Amandula, Mandorla, Mandel, Mandula, or Almendra… This small “nut or fruit or seed” probably the most important product after the olive oil talking about Mallorca’s export. Actually Spain is the second country (after USA) considering the production of the ALMONDS – talking around 0.22 million tonnes each year. The little story started after the … Continue reading