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Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, i still love risotto… as i just said in the post before with the bloody rice…┬á and (unfordtunately) im still smoking… not that much and more food than cigarettes :))) Lets see tonight’s dinner… Perfect risotto with home smoked mackerel, sweet green peas and crunchy apples with a hint of lemon thyme. Why? I … Continue reading

Merry Happy X-mas

Wishing very very happy Merry Christmas to all of u Guys! (with this little mille feuille tapas of foie gras, poached apple and fig jelly)

Old’s’cool Peanut&Apple butter

Long looong time ago i had my best summer ever. I was spending all the vacation at home, almost 3 months and everything was just perfect. The weather was boiling hot and smiley sunny – the swimming pool cristal clear with freshly cool water. All my friends around every day having lots of fun and … Continue reading


Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved the sweets sooooo much that hardly ate anything else… wake up to have a sweet brownie breakfast just to have enough energy to carry on till a huge-icecream lunch which was enough till the cheesecake-dinner… go to bed with happyness and smiling all night … Continue reading

Que crazy combooooooo 2….

So…. What did we see before? Avocado & coffee… Tomato & strawberry & banana… Chocolate & cheese… Everyone must has an opinion by now – safe or risk?So many other crazy combinations jumping in my head – dont know how can i prove all… i will try at least these… Blood & cacao… Shrimp & … Continue reading

Perfect breakfast…

  GOOOD MOOORNING!! Here we go, my crazy and naughty dessert based on apple, ‘doughnut’, smoked bacon, sour cream, vanilla and whisky… (Sorry for the weak quality of the pictures, but i have 2 important reasons… 1st of all, my wife (Marty) left me here alone and she has the talent in the family… :) … Continue reading


Thanks to a Momofuku’s salad, i ve got an awesome idea to turn it into a mouth watering dessert. Just imagine your plate: sweet apple, smoked bacon, spicy kimchi, maple syrup, creme frache, Yamazaki Whisky… Coming soon… :)