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“Blood porn…>”

One of my biggest challenge has been accepted. And the missión is accomplised succesfully.   The people who are living in the world of culinary – know exactly the myths of “macaron de caza” by Mugaritz. The story of a very famous blood macaron… U all know by now the close and strong relationship between me and … Continue reading

Blood Brulee

Again…. I had some leftover fresh blood and i really wanted to try something else then the “actuallyamazing” chocolate-blood pudding from the last time. As i read the Nordic LAB blog (Noma) decided to try at least 2 more things with SANGRE…. one is a nice icecream and the other is Creme Brulee. I did, … Continue reading

Bloody hell…. ***

Finally the time had came… The time i was looking for ages… having many crazy ideas about… but finally i ve got it. I have got fresh blood. * So lets play. Blood is not a new thing — surprisingly still seems like a taboo in people^s eyes… however it exists since we eat meat. … Continue reading

Bloody heaven…

Well well well… One of my latest post was about eating meat, killing and torturing animals… and how i feel about being vegeterian… I can announce proudly, since then has nothing changed! :))) The only thing is – that i still havent found any organic market to buy my “happy meat”. Well, the truth is … Continue reading

Que crazy combooooooo 2….

So…. What did we see before? Avocado & coffee… Tomato & strawberry & banana… Chocolate & cheese… Everyone must has an opinion by now – safe or risk?So many other crazy combinations jumping in my head – dont know how can i prove all… i will try at least these… Blood & cacao… Shrimp & … Continue reading