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Lets start a new chapter. I left Barcelona for now. After my trip in South America i did returned for a couple of weeks (relax, chill and drink :) till i packed my “life” into the car and enjoyed a trip thru whole Europe saying goodbye to Spain. It took 11 days and covered Spain … Continue reading

HomeSweetHome Part1.

I havent been home for more than a year…i mean in Hungary… and happened sooo many things with me since then. I have to say, it was truly the best part of my whole year (i started in Thailand and i will finish in Chile but it doesnt make any difference). I loved to be … Continue reading


Unfortunately we arrived to the last station of our visiting tour… for NOW. Cheftor promised to take us further when we back in September. I really hope so cause there are sooo many more cool stuff to check out (for example our “posh” vegetable supplier must be amazing with all the colorful tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines … Continue reading

Bloody hell…. ***

Finally the time had came… The time i was looking for ages… having many crazy ideas about… but finally i ve got it. I have got fresh blood. * So lets play. Blood is not a new thing — surprisingly still seems like a taboo in people^s eyes… however it exists since we eat meat. … Continue reading

My little pet…

I was sooooooooooooooo lucky that i found actually “fresh flour” in the little ecological market!!! Remember the first rule i learned from my “bread bible”: always try to use as freshly ground flour as possible! Ok ok… when i was reading this chapter all about flour i had big laugh a couple of times… u … Continue reading

No good for diet

Just another laid-back morning(?), with a hint of heavy drilling from Mrs Nextdoor’s side. Champion`s breakfast…. The Spanish are good to make everything easy… sometimes soooo easy, it drives me crazy. I think not just because most of the time they have no money to do posh things, but they like the `kind of lazy` … Continue reading

Breath of Bread

If u always wanted to make your own – but was scared, that baking bread is just too complicated…. you were absolutely right. In a way of course. When the freshly baked almost burnt smell circulates in the air, when u can hear the crunch and the tinkle from the bottom of your new born baby… u really feel … Continue reading