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Aquafaba magic

Aaaaaaah! I enjoyed my last blog soooo much that i must share another craziness. Accidentally its another vegan stuff – without any purpose i promise. ITS JUST SOOOO MUCH GOING ON NOWADAYS IN THE GREEN N HEALTHY GASTRO WORLD – innovations followed by more n more f­čśücking interesting stuff and it makes my brain just … Continue reading

Brown Greenie… :)

I had a really bad week. I needed a break. My best ‘break’ solution is a big mouthful of brownie…. and its working – belive me – cause i have approx. 5years experience with the best recipe ever. But this week i needed some more magic… as i said, i DID HAVE┬á REALLY BAD DAYS┬á … Continue reading


Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved the sweets sooooo much that hardly ate anything else… wake up to have a sweet brownie breakfast just to have enough energy to carry on till a huge-icecream lunch which was enough till the cheesecake-dinner… go to bed with happyness and smiling all night … Continue reading

My chOcOlate Spell…

This is partly a stolen idea – if i want to be cruel. If not, ive just got some inspriration from a “local” chef (local in a way that he is british and/but working here) Marc Fosh. I was applying to his restaurant as well – never gonna know what did he miss not calling … Continue reading


This is not mine. I am writing – but this crazy tart is my boyfriend’s present for us to celebrate our birthday which happened in the very same day…. :P cool. So he desired a brownie – this is our favorite sweet (thank u so much England!!!) and we have the “i think the best … Continue reading