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Aquafaba magic

Aaaaaaah! I enjoyed my last blog soooo much that i must share another craziness. Accidentally its another vegan stuff – without any purpose i promise. ITS JUST SOOOO MUCH GOING ON NOWADAYS IN THE GREEN N HEALTHY GASTRO WORLD – innovations followed by more n more f­čśücking interesting stuff and it makes my brain just … Continue reading

Miss Strawberry…

FRESON The Princess of the Vitrin in the shop. No doubt. Let me introduce her: she is Freson. One of the cutest thing i ve ever made. She is a proper lady – when she has a good day – she is the most beautiful thing ever. But if┬áits a bad day…. well… i would … Continue reading


I would like to introduce U to one of my very good friend. He is Mr. Snickers. One of the 4 little cake-tart i need to prepair to sell in the shop or to sell in other shops. Just a little Step by Step show to let u know about the procedures and the time … Continue reading

Sue’s perfect wedding cake 3.

A couple of months ago i started to plan my sister’s amazing cupcake wedding cake… trying recipes (here) and frosting with colours (here) and flavours… Almost the whole picture in my head changed… Sue sent me a couple of her ideas… and her imagination is playing around something pretty, elegant and simple – no fuss. … Continue reading

Pop Up Corn… :P

Not really long time ago i made the mandarin&popcorn creation as u could see it… and i made a big discovery which i would like to share with u guys…. As usually for all the huge explorations need a coincidense somewhere…. in my case it was an “average” breakfast action when i mixed up a … Continue reading

Mummy Birthday!!! :)

Well, after a year my Mummy has another day to celebrate! Unfortunately i can not be with her – again – however i tried so much to “shock” her with a surprise little visit of me but it just too complicated. Expensive – but the main problem is that there is no direct flight after … Continue reading

before “cock-tale”…

TINCTURE… has got the play role in my experiments. What is it by the way? Nothing but an alcoholic extract of something… Ok Ok, i tell u what. I caught a picture on the internet and my mind just can not let it go. The vision is about a bottle containing vodka flavoured with cake… … Continue reading

Christmas for “Christ sake….”

Almost everyone┬á is around me had started to visit a gym more frequently – i realized yesterday. Well well well… the fact, that the festive time is coming soon with lots of lots of things to eat (and drink)…. absolutely understandable. After reading this blog – i would start the exercise… for “Christ sake”…. So… … Continue reading

Idea of Gigi`s perfect wedding cake – pt4

Chapter 5: We are almost there… How far we can go? From now, we should have two amazing layer of `sponge` and two beautiful creamy fillings. It can be already too much – but we do need to make the final part. To make it perfect. First of all, i thought all the flavors are … Continue reading