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My Mc Shop

Yesterday i was shopping some stuff with my sister in a “SPAR” close to home. Some food – nothing special. When i saw a thing and gave me a heart attack. It does bother me since then so i made a couple of calculations and i decided to write a post about it. In Hungary … Continue reading

Last chapter for now… ;)

  TE This would not be that interesing… the method is much more. Women prepair like 20 liters of ·nothingspecial· tea at home then sit outside infront of their door on the street with 5-7 glass glasses filled full – a piece of fruit on the bottom (usually dried cactus-fruit or apricot). U go their … Continue reading

*Asian Fusian*

I need to interrupt my chapters about the travel in Asia…. but i think u will going to forgive me. I need to introduce u the best ·burger· in my life. Its not a hamburger at all. Much more. I have the influence of Asia and of Barcelona of course – where i am trying … Continue reading


Lets `play. Lets play with sugar. But in a way – u never did before. A super easy way. Have u ever heard of Isomalt??¿¿ Better to check it out now… Basically its a sugar. No. Better. As soon as u get the right temperature to melt (around 120) – u win to make amazing things to decorate … Continue reading


The most impressive sideman i have ever met…. Most of us have the same opinion in the kitchen about our little pre-dessert… saying that probably the best combination of flavours in the whole menu. Let me introduce the little Salmuera Princess – just how we call… Salmuera means BRINE – water with high salt concentration. … Continue reading

‘PAIN’ au chocolat…

A couple of days ago i met with a girl who came in the bar for a slice of cake… we talked just a bit but somehow after met for a drink with other friends as well. She is working as a chef in a big yacht (ooooooooh, i was sooooooooooo jealous!!!) and was just … Continue reading

Mandarin of Mallorca…

Finally i ve got it. My clementine creation. As i ve mentioned already a couple of blog publishing ago – i think i find the very best of Mallorca… which is the local mandarin. Of course the -spanish- orange is nice (but mainly coming from the mainland) especially in the town of Soller… however u … Continue reading

Warmest Winter Wish…

The best ideas coming from nowhere i guess… just like this case. I promised myself to create a dessert with these amazing fresh local mandarins ive just found in the neighbor’s fruitshop recently… they so nice… ooooh, u can easily feel that someone just picked them a couple of hours ago and it didnt need … Continue reading

Welcome to Egg’s world

Reason for this? Mr. Inaki Aizpitarte (french-basque chef) who deconstructed the Tocino de cielo dessert. I love the background of this really traditional sweet: tocino means bacon, and there is a story for the kids, that the piggies go to heaven when they die, and cielo means sky… so tocino de cielo… is a heavenly … Continue reading


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh yesssssssssssssssssssssss, another sweet. Another really simply recipe. It seems being pretty spreaded all in europe (I found a close relative from my childhood called Kakaós Csiga). So PALMERA means Palmier: exatly the plant itself what u know so well from your ‘dream beach’. Got the name from the shape ( elephant ear, palm leaves, … Continue reading