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Opium queen…

Today’s offer: Que aproveche!!!! :D Caramelized poppy seed cheesecake with fresh apricot and sorbet Advertisements

Feliz cumpleanos!!!

Lets step in the magic 31… (OOOOOHOHOHOHOOOO, still not me, just my “bro” :))) I am truly happy that we could celebrate together your birthday – and with some (more) cava makes it not as sad as it sounds! But first of all: enjoy your Very Birthday Cake!!! At the beggining let me thanks to … Continue reading

Pop Up Corn… :P

Not really long time ago i made the mandarin&popcorn creation as u could see it… and i made a big discovery which i would like to share with u guys…. As usually for all the huge explorations need a coincidense somewhere…. in my case it was an “average” breakfast action when i mixed up a … Continue reading


Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved the sweets sooooo much that hardly ate anything else… wake up to have a sweet brownie breakfast just to have enough energy to carry on till a huge-icecream lunch which was enough till the cheesecake-dinner… go to bed with happyness and smiling all night … Continue reading