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Deeper in the juice…

  AJI DE GALLINA U see this plate everywhere like a “national dish”. Nothing else but a ragu of chicken – it should be like a curry – with hot spicies but we never met anything like this. Aji means chilli pepper – and the color is a bit “too yellow”. They invented this for … Continue reading

Spicy water

To continue a bit of the bite of Asia…. cause its sooooo huge and i really wanna share new things not like the “magic of curry” like always… however we had this f8ckin amazing blog-post already about curry – that was one of my favorite project anyway, worth to check it out… :) ok, i … Continue reading

Happy Chicken Brain Day!

Can u imagine anything better than a big bowl of boiling chicken soup when u get sick??? Ooooooh.. noooooo… And it just happened with me… like every springtime… usually can manage the winter (WINTER in Palma? hahahahaha!) without get any flu… but when the sun appears in the sky we like to think and feel … Continue reading

Crispy crack neck

Lets jump in my first meat project with Mr. Yellow Cock – i introduced u before. With all my respect i prepaired every pieces of this bird (except a couple of tiny inner parts). As u can see here i picked up a part of my favourite part of my childhood… The skin! I mean … Continue reading

Let me introduce u…

My very new friend, Mr. Yellow Cock. He suppose to be a very very organicfreerangehappy bird. Or at least he was. (R.I.P.) Sooooo…. finally i found a company who sells ‘carne feliz’ thru online and have a stall in a market at Santa Catalina. First we didnt seem to find the place… (i found soooo … Continue reading


I can think of one and other things to share on the occasion of our recent duck dinner and I don’t even know where to start, so I’m going to randomly pick the subject, if that’s ok. My thoughts recently are a bit messy anyway, I think my brain needs a break. The other day … Continue reading

sample post 2

Pellentesque elementum viverra condimentum. Quisque cursus varius leo, sit amet laoreet erat pulvinar adipiscing. Donec rutrum libero posuere mi tincidunt a porta enim vestibulum. Phasellus hendrerit ultrices quam, eget vulputate lorem dapibus eget. Suspendisse eget purus dolor, quis feugiat nibh. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Cras malesuada … Continue reading