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Keep eating all around…

ALFAJOR Its in every country in South America, every street, every corner and every shop. Even the old ladies are selling alfajores on the street. In million different types. It is a biscuit sandwich. Two “shortbreadkind” of pastry disc sticked together with any kind of sticky stuffing. Its usually dulce de leche but can be … Continue reading

X-mas booooooon-boooooooooooom

I am really really sorry guys…. i know – having no excuse not to posting anything since looooooooooooooooong time…. But my boss was in his holiday for almost 2 weeks – so i needed to work all day every day from morning till closing…. although i made lots of beautiful tarts and cakes, tonns of … Continue reading

Sweet cheesy life…

I want to introduce u to one of my really really good friend. I made it already a couple of times – so this is def. not a “one night stuff”. Even if u are not the bravest taster ever U NEED TO TRUST ME NOW and TRY THIS. Well worth it. === footnote: sorry, … Continue reading

Que crazy combooooo… 1.

What do u think about these? Which type of person u are, the one who choose the safe option or the risky one? tomato (ketchup)& strawberry& banana (panna cotta) prawns & walnut salad with choco&orange&mayo dressing avocado & coffee & rum tiramisu mushroom & blueberry risotto chocolate & cheese bla bla bla…. blablablablablabla………. etc etc. … Continue reading

Morphine muffin…

I know i know i know! Why the hell i would ever think to write down here a stupid f8ckin’ muffin recipe? This is really silly but i have not more but one reason. This is good. Now working in a Pub part time where need to bake muffins freshly every day. Here they call … Continue reading

Idea of Gigi`s perfect wedding cake – pt3

Chapter 3: Another sponge? Yes yes of course… but need something funky. In the middle of the cake always has to be something absolutely unexpected… and i just remember that Gigi does not like really sweet that much… so lets get some cool fresh flavor out of my mind!!! I think its just time to … Continue reading


I can think of one and other things to share on the occasion of our recent duck dinner and I don’t even know where to start, so I’m going to randomly pick the subject, if that’s ok. My thoughts recently are a bit messy anyway, I think my brain needs a break. The other day … Continue reading

Tip of the day…

Sweet your coffee with creamy white chocolate and it needs just a hint of vanilla salt…. u can make real magic… :)

Smoking? Really?!

Smoking meat (or anything else) is not rocket science and doesn’t require any special equipment like a smoke house. An average housewife can do it easily, let’s take Kat as an example. Ok, it was a bad joke to refer Kat as an average housewife, but the rest of the story is true. What she … Continue reading