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Sooooo… i had no time to do anything recently – having 2 good reasons for that. One is the neverending job and endless shifts at work.. the other is that i had been operated recently. Its not the scene to talk about the health and hospital situation here in Spain/Mallorca/Palma – however i can field … Continue reading

Rudolf, king of the Curd

One day i was walking in my little favorite market when my eyes caught something in front of the cheese-section… I have never seen like this just at home… hmmmmmmmm, sweet memories… proper curd in a plastic container with a ladle and cover with cling film more or less… i was thinking it must be … Continue reading

Kaffir Curd Crazinessss

Long story short. An experiment again. I made it once – long time ago at Due South – accidentally… i want to try again with all of my attention now. Fingers cross… :) 1st stage: Make your stock syrup (3:2:1 ratio), get your buttermilk and some extra milk and a good big handful of ‘fresh’ … Continue reading


(Background story: visited home. Long time ago – old school┬áand old’s cool feeling. Favourite place: retro market, smells like pure nature. Lets discover the treasure of the countryside in Hungary…) Simply the basic. The very very basic. U dont need anything else, but u can make everything of it. U can not even imagine…. your … Continue reading