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Mexikoi “szappanopera”…

Szoval igen. Itt vagyunk Guadalajaraban es toretlen erovel megyunk elore. Mar teljesitettem az elso munkahetemet – mit ne mondjak, kabe olyan allapotban voltam hogy nem vagytam sok mindenre az agyamon kivul. Szoval reggel 8 orara jarok a cukraszatba ugye gyakorlatra majd onnan rohanvast veszem az iranyt a delutan 4kor kezdodo melohelyemre. Hala egnek kozel van, … Continue reading

“Blood porn…>”

One of my biggest challenge has been accepted. And the missión is accomplised succesfully.   The people who are living in the world of culinary – know exactly the myths of “macaron de caza” by Mugaritz. The story of a very famous blood macaron… U all know by now the close and strong relationship between me and … Continue reading

Welcome to BOLIVIA…

Nothing is for sure… but everything is possible. WELCOME TO BOLIVIA. CROSSING TO BOLIVIA We bought a 3 days tour with the Cordillera Traveller for 180 dollars per person starting from San Pedro de Atacama and finish at Uyuni. It is a “rough tour” they were trying to scared us at the very beggining. 30 … Continue reading


FLIGHT TO CALAMA Next destination: Atacama dessert. Hot and dry. U can choose if the wind blows off your skin or the sun burns it down. :) The landskape is amazing. After the bus trip from Argentina was naivly thought that nothing can stop me breathing… But this place… with the salt flat of Atacama and … Continue reading

Chocolate Porn.

I will going to be quick. Have u ever heard of CHOCOLATE SALAMI? If not yet – now u do. Originally its coming from Italy (however i think every country must have there own type of this sweet, in Hungary it looks a bit different and we call it “Monkey Bread – Majomkenyér.) Now in … Continue reading

Kitchen SWEET Kitchen…

I ve got what i wanted. After 6 months. I find no words to express how grateful i am. How much i adore pastry. And bake. And infuse. And sweet. Nothing is more beautiful than a sound of breaking a thin layer of crispy chocolate. Can u imagine anything nicer than freshly baked puff pastry? … Continue reading

Yum Yum Ninjaaaaa…

Soooo, i changed job. Nowadays im changing job quite often… seems for me as well. But this change was so quick, i could even write a blog about the other award winning vegeterian place, the Terre a Terre. Cut the story short: officialy i left because of a fire in the kitchen – we closed … Continue reading

Cook’s Nest Heaven…

If i were a rich man, i would open my own little place to make an extraordinary restaurant where u can not eat anything else but desserts. Yes yes yes… u can say, there are so many places where u can buy just sweets (i know proper restaurants or as they call themselves,`sweet bars` working … Continue reading

Gotcha, Gachas!

I found another really easy, simple  and CHEAP recipe and it made my mind go crazy. Just like the `torijjas` was in the No good for diet post. Thank u soo much, my “Spanish Cabron”, again! Yesterday night I wanted to show a traditional hungarian recipe to my boyfriend, called tejbegriz. I made it in … Continue reading


So Amsterdam… was not the first idea. Finally it was a birthday present for us with my boyfriend from us… Cool thing, we born in the same day at 1st of July (i am so sh*t to remember all the dates and anniversaries – but its not really gonna be a problem in this case … Continue reading