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IN or OUT???

What a silly silly stupid question. By the way, whatever is the meaning in the background, :)))) the answer is obviously IN. IN IN IN. Sometimes its hard to be a chef… to be honest, its hard to be a chef all the time, when the food is the topic in any sort of way. … Continue reading

Happy ending Xmas…

Sooooo… I guess, i have never ever spent that much time with one meal in my life. First i thought lets┬ádo this, because the christmas must be really special and once in a year and blablabla… after the ideas just came across my mind during the weeks while Christmas was coming closer and closer… i … Continue reading

Five minutes seafood lunch

Kat didn’t give the kitchen a minute rest last week: the stove had no chance to cool down before the second turn. I was still in bed, digesting the venison from last night – Kat was already in her kingdom, preparing our lunch. The fish stock had been bubbling for a few hours when I … Continue reading

…this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Tuesday started like a dream in the morning, and it just went on. Kat had been planning her Bugs Bunny Project for days, and me… well, I wasn’t able to do any thinking whatsoever. Note to self: trying to find out what is going on in other people’s mind is only good for one thing: … Continue reading