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Foodie’s Festival – Brighton <3

Foodie’s Festival – Hove Lawns, 25-27th May That`s why we love Brighton. Hove, actually. Because we love the summer, the sun, the beach, the drinks, the friends, the fun and the food of course. Well, everything was there. Beautiful day. Unfortunately they were selling tickets. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr….. I hate this. We need to pay to get … Continue reading

IN or OUT???

What a silly silly stupid question. By the way, whatever is the meaning in the background, :)))) the answer is obviously IN. IN IN IN. Sometimes its hard to be a chef… to be honest, its hard to be a chef all the time, when the food is the topic in any sort of way. … Continue reading

Pamper Yourself…

OMG! Its Christmas again… again… and again… my head is full of thoughts – lot of things just happened in the last few days. Dont know whats going on at the moment… really need to chill out a bit. Thanx Jill – as Marty mentioned before – we are not going to spend the december … Continue reading

Life is not a piece of cake!

Things are not going very well with the moving. A month ago we had a viewing in a just-like-we-were-looking-for flat and we immediately made an agreement with the landlord (lady?). The only problem is that the current tenants don’t know when they could move out… and we are running out of time. Sux!┬á :-| To … Continue reading

sample post 2

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