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20 days now. I am working for this long to my new restaurant. Its time now to introduce u Monvinic, Barcelona. Its not one of the places which serves “unreal” food. In our kitchen the meat is meat, the olive is olive. We are not even playing with textures, no foams, no jellies, no crazy … Continue reading

Gỏi cuốn…

Lets take a deep breath. A very deep one. Almost a month now that im back from traveling still i could not sit down to share my experiences with U guys… Its just too much for one breath. To be honest – i am a bit scared of it. Big mouthful of Asia. Hm. Thats … Continue reading

BBQ… without comments

Long looong time ago, in an ordinary Saturday… WELCOME TO THE WATERWORLD OF THE BALEARIC ISLANDS Happily ever after…


Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, i still love risotto… as i just said in the post before with the bloody rice…  and (unfordtunately) im still smoking… not that much and more food than cigarettes :))) Lets see tonight’s dinner… Perfect risotto with home smoked mackerel, sweet green peas and crunchy apples with a hint of lemon thyme. Why? I … Continue reading


If u ever had an aquarium – u know the effect of the calm ‘wallpaper”… just like a miracle. Working as a meditation…. watching all those little beautiful fish with all those unbelievable colors… like a treasure box… Do u like fish? I am…. i had aquarium when i was smaller and hated to clean. … Continue reading

Entre las burbujas..”..”..”..”

Where can i start? … hm… MALLORCA. Es una isla maraviliosa… just like my spanish knowledge…  nice weather, nice people, nice landscape and nice food, yesssssssssss… the food is amazing of course. Would be really hard to introduce the whole wide range of stuff available here (most of them coming from the mainland, so pretty … Continue reading

Five minutes seafood lunch

Kat didn’t give the kitchen a minute rest last week: the stove had no chance to cool down before the second turn. I was still in bed, digesting the venison from last night – Kat was already in her kingdom, preparing our lunch. The fish stock had been bubbling for a few hours when I … Continue reading

sample post 2

Pellentesque elementum viverra condimentum. Quisque cursus varius leo, sit amet laoreet erat pulvinar adipiscing. Donec rutrum libero posuere mi tincidunt a porta enim vestibulum. Phasellus hendrerit ultrices quam, eget vulputate lorem dapibus eget. Suspendisse eget purus dolor, quis feugiat nibh. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Cras malesuada … Continue reading