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“Blood porn…>”

One of my biggest challenge has been accepted. And the missión is accomplised succesfully.   The people who are living in the world of culinary – know exactly the myths of “macaron de caza” by Mugaritz. The story of a very famous blood macaron… U all know by now the close and strong relationship between me and … Continue reading

non stop….

Yes yes yes – i know. And i hate myself not to have time to create nice things and share it here in the blog… To be honest i am creating cool things – but in my restaurant at Simply Fosh in more or less 60 hours a week… which is pretty bad in a … Continue reading

Merry Happy X-mas

Wishing very very happy Merry Christmas to all of u Guys! (with this little mille feuille tapas of foie gras, poached apple and fig jelly)

Turrón de foie gras…

I lost it. I feel i lost my “coolblogcreativity” because no ideas coming in the last couple of days… We are now just before X-mas… and what can i say… this December is not gonna be my favourite month for sure. So much sh8t happened with us nowadays that i dont wanna do else but … Continue reading

5 ***** …

If i were a rich man… i’ve already showed u how my Sweet Shop, the Cook’s Nest Heaven would look like… Recently i was watching sooo many silly american fast-food-show on the TV and it made me think… Made me think about my stuff… People get pretty nice business from very little, with a truck … Continue reading


Welcome Everyone to my little culinary tour at Hungary… I was thinking to write a massive chapter about hungarian food reaching all the small details… but i changed my mind. No need for this. If u want to check it out more precisely, u can open an Old Big Horváth Ilona Cooking book or click … Continue reading

Christmas challenge…

Ive got a beautiful book from Marty to my birthday last year – The Eleven Medison Park – the cookbook – , and its full of amazing pictures and recipes. Because we have a special attraction to foie gras – i found a beautifully interesting recipe which i really wanted to try since ive got … Continue reading

Valentin ballotine…

F*CK F*CK F*CK…. i had such a hard time in the last 3 weeks… basically my battery needs a huge charging, cause im off. The restaurant was surprisingly busy with functions, weddings, school holiday and we dont really have staff to deal with it. Fortunately the situation is pretty much the same on the floor as well – we … Continue reading